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Art of Message – August 2, 2023

Microdose of AI

TLDR – Art of Message will now be a weekly email; the new Microdose of AI list will be daily.

A month or so ago, I wrote about the (clumsy) misuse of AI as a deterministic software tool by the (suddenly archaic?) plagiarism detection industry. I say ‘misuse’ because AI works better as an adaptive, non-deterministic interface; it bridges the gap between desires encoded in messy human language and deterministic software/data tools.

Then a week ago, OpenAI threw in the towel here – quietly removing their AI detection “tool” (which was actually just ChatGPT on a different web page, to be honest) because it basically didn’t work.

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Like anything related to Generative AI, this new item has a lot of implications for product strategy, no matter who you are.

But apart from it being a questionable PR move by OpenAI to sweep this under the rug, it has fewer implications for messaging strategy.

On that note, a change of direction for this list: Art of Message will go from being a daily publication on product strategy and messaging to a weekly one – with the same focus.

So I will see you here next week with my usual thoughts on product messaging, marketing, and strategy.

Meanwhile, I have started another daily list that will be more technical and more news-oriented: Microdose of AI 😛.

Like Art of Message, Microdose of IA is a “sawdust project” for me. Because I’m designing, developing, deploying, marketing, and selling a software tool that uses AI (and advising on several others), I follow Gen AI news daily – and have done so for more than a year. By coupling that firehose-info-intake with actually building things with Generative AI, I have developed a sense of what’s important in AI news, what’s trivial, and what’s just hype.

That’s what I’m sharing on the new list: clarity and perspective on the most important Generative AI news, technology, research, and stories of the day.

If you know anyone interested in that, please let them know – thank you!

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