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Art of Message – September 14, 2023

A macrodose

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here as I have occupied myself with building call transcriptions into Message Maps and posting over at The Microdose of AI.

With that, I wanted to flag a post I wrote over there today in which I overview the 12 most important developments over late summer. Because I am trying to distill over a months’ worth of news and developments, it’s more of a macrodose than a micro one.

But I think it’ll be of interest to anyone doing product work, design, development, marketing, etc.

Putting together a news round-up gave me a chance to reflect  – we may be at peak GenAI hype, but that doesn’t mean we’re in a bubble.

Tie that together with where we’re at on the calendar, near the start of Blair Enns’ proverbial 100 day sprint (from Labor Day to Christmas), the fall’s opportunity is to get better at weaving AI into our daily work.

You might find some ideas for how to do that over at the Microdose of AI – The most important AI developments over late summer.

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