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Art of Message – April 19, 2023

What’s this list about?

I wanted to give you a brief idea of what this list about. The signup page currently says:

Art of Message
A daily email list about strategic brand messaging for tech firms
Get two-minute emails with insights that can help refine your message and improve the way you build, market, and sell your products

That’s 100% accurate but I want to provide more detail and context.

Firstly, I’m writing this as I manage other aspects of the company it speaks for; so I’m busy. I bet you are too! For that reason, I will keep these emails very short – under 300 words. And I don’t have an editor so there may be typos.

✅ Brand messaging

❌ Brad messaging

And here are a few themes I hope to write about:

  • if you can create a product, you can create its messaging
  • strategic messaging is the prerequisite for all kinds of sales and marketing activities
  • good messaging attracts better people/community, and gets people on the same page
  • product messaging shapes your product – and vice-versa
  • brand messaging transforms customer support, success, and services
  • refine your messaging by learning from every weird part of the world
  • the next big thing is here: generative AI. How does affect products and messaging

Will I deviate from these themes? Probably.

But for now, there’s the answer to ‘What’s this list about’?

The message above comes from…
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