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Art of Message – July 13, 2023

The new layers

The bottom layer of any business is the expensive problem. But you layer so much on top of that – people, business model, strategy, requirements & plans, tech stack, product design, messaging, pricing, and more.

There’s a layering process in nature too – here’s a tiny sliver of it:

“By producing sugars and proteins to entice animals to disperse their seed, the angiosperms multiplied the world’s supply of food energy, making possible the rise of large warm-blooded mammals. Without flowers, the reptiles, which had gotten along fine in a leafy, fruitless world, would probably still rule. Without flowers*, we would not be.”
― Michael Pollan, The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View of the World
*by “flowers” he means fruiting/flowering plants, grasses, shrubs, trees, etc – angiosperms

From here you can choose your business metaphors – if “cloud” are the angiosperms, what comes next?

If LLMs are the angiosperms (and OpenAI is the current keystone species) here’s an inconclusive list of what comes next:

  1. Products that sell LLM default behavior, text generation, like
  2. Products that sell something else, like analysis, summarization, categorization, and intelligent integration, like MyAskAI
  3. New services models, such as the emerging “AI automation agencies” (more than any tech startup, this phenomenon reminds me of the dotcom boom)
  4. Legacy software, like Notion or Brightr, that integrate AI
  5. Ecosystem add-ons, like aptly-named
  6. New LLM providers who research, design, build, deploy, host LLM services

That’s a lot of new stuff – new layers.

But that’s not surprising if you do the math on the Pollan quote – there are 1.5 trillion kilograms of humans, cows, pigs, and sheep on planet earth, all thanks to angiosperms.

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