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Art of Message – May 20, 2023

The fuzzy line between messaging and copy

Bad messaging and bad copy read the same: wordy, incoherent, boring – leaves no dent in your brain.

But when they are good, a distinction emerges. And they work well placed alongside each other.

It’s good copy if it makes people think or do something. For example, the announcement bar on Introducing Box AI! New intelligence capabilities will help you unlock the value of your content. Learn more

Messaging might make you want to do something too, but it also harmonizes with a company value proposition. Thus, it makes sense in a strategy document OR in marketing materials. For example, the subheadline on “Secure collaboration with anyone, anywhere, on any device”.

The value prop is clear – how are we different from Dropbox and Google Drive ? Collaboration. Messaging doesn’t just make you do something now – it sticks in your head and makes you do something 10 years from now.

Beware of messaging or positioning statements though. They can get too wordy. For example: “Box provides secure collaboration solutions for businesses, enabling them to work safely and efficiently with anyone, on any device.” That’s not gonna stick for 10 years.

Statements are sometimes useful for internal alignment. And they may work for a captive audience, like a private call with a potential partner.

But even then, default to the pure form of messaging – it’s easier on the brain and closer to your strategy.

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