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Art of Message – May 6, 2023

The add-on we’ve been waiting 100k years for

What if you had an add-on for your product that let it do:

  1. general research and documentation
  2. summarization
  3. categorization
  4. sentiment analysis
  5. personality analysis
  6. code generation/editing
  7. configuration assistance
  8. pattern matching/vetting
  9. editorial assistance
  10. project management
  11. questioning & ideation

Well you do, you just have to figure out the right way to add it.

To do so, it is crucial to become good at writing custom add-on code – ie. mastering your human language of choice. Which in turn involves mastering the art of providing a series of questions in a sequence, with context as needed, like Socrates, any artful purveyor of the 5 Whys, and surely, our homo sapien ancestors who first started to develop modern natural language technology 50k to 100k years ago.

Anyway, you guessed it – the add-on is LLM technology and the proof of concept is ChatGPT.

Jonathan’s right: Steve Job’s “next big thing” is here.

And yes, I left content generation out on purpose –  that’s better done by humans, at least if you’re interesting in getting new ideas out of your writing, and sparking them in your readers.

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