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Art of Message – July 1, 2023

Strategy on-demand

How do you get strategy-on-demand?

Quick sidebar – in front of the A&O Berlin next to the street, there’s a metal box, just taller than the average tall person, with a screen attached to it.  It’s a pizzabot. Here’s the workflow:

  • On the screen, you pick your pizza
  • You swipe your card
  • the pizza is then assembled and baked, “from scratch”
  • the pizza is placed into a pizza box
  • The pizzabox is ejected from the metal pizzabot on a tray.

And it’s not too bad!

It’s similar to print-on-demand, where the product exists digitally but you don’t waste the resources and energy incarnating it until there’s a purchase order.

Even closer to true on-demand in terms of timing are education-on-demand such as or entertainment-on-demand such as Hulu.

But with people-based services-on-demand, TaskRabbit, Handy, Fiverr, the gratifyingly immediacy isn’t there.

That goes for strategy-on-demand too, which usually comes from consulting retainers, perhaps acquired through Toptal or BTG. This kind of service feels rapid compared to a “full” consulting engagement but it’s not really on-demand.

Generative AI works on the immediacy part; ChatGPT, for example, can get you strategic advice in seconds (whether it’s worthwhile – that’s another story).

But it doesn’t actually think, let alone think strategically, let alone produce a complete strategy for a specific purpose. If you need strategy-on-demand, that can only come from inside your head. So question is how to use gen AI to change what’s in your head – on-demand. That’s what Message Maps works on.

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