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Art of Message – May 25, 2023


Generative AI will force products to be hyper-precise about what they do in their marketing.

This is a change from SEO thinking, in which marketing content needed to have the right keyword phrases. An interconnected web of content each laced with inter-related with strategic keyword phrases related to how people search for things.

The idea was, someone might search for “photoshop alternative” in lots of different ways, so include all 13 of them in your online presence. Then measure, adjust, refine, etc.

I think this imprecise “fishing net” approach to optimizing content for SEO affected

  • other areas of marketing
  • marketing strategy as a whole
  • product strategy as a whole

LLMs change this. Already they are far better tools than search engines at finding information. Adoption will grow over time; the major search engines are already incoporating LLMs results into their traditional search results.

But the funny thing is that LLMs will enforce precision in the way you talk about your product. I’m not saying they won’t be gameable, but they won’t care about your cloud of keywords.

What will work instead is a precise and unique description of your product.

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