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Art of Message – June 28, 2023

Message Maps Alpha Release

“If you’ve got the time… we’ve got the beer”

-Miller Lite

There’s a give-and-take in consulting between extracting every possible piece of information and insight possible from a client, yet not completely annoying them while doing so.

It’s the same with Message Maps. It asks for a lot of your time relative to other online tools.

In the Pre-Alpha release, you took a very intensive strategic discovery interview.

In this Alpha release, that’s been refined somewhat and should be slightly easier to use. The navigation flow around it should also make more sense. Not perfect yet, though, and there are a couple of concrete improvements in the works.

Some errors related to download or printing out your discovery interview report have also been fixed.

But the biggest update to Alpha is that it unveils the first glance at the major piece of the ‘Maps’ roadmap: brand analysis and strategy.

Users who complete most of their interview (80% of the questions or more) and “Submit” their interview as complete will now be able to get a strategy, starting with a positioning strategy statement, the first component of the brand strategy. You can find the button activated on the dashboard and on your interview report.

The 2nd piece of the brand strategy, the detailed brand analysis, won’t be available for another two weeks when we release the first Alpha update. I’m honestly pretty excited and can’t wait to show you (:

But the positioning strategy is here now – if you’ve got the time (to really dive deep on your discovery interview), we’ve got the positioning strategy statement for you.

BTW – to everyone who tried this thing so far, thank you!! You’re invaluable to me!

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