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Art of Message – July 7, 2023

Make that 22 ways

“Your mission, should you use to accept it, is to increase the client’s rate of making trigger decisions. Except when it isn’t”
Venkatesh Rao, Art of Gig

This post is sort of a follow-up to last Friday’s post, 21 ways generative AI will transform marketing – I think I overlooked an important one.

I didn’t realize this until I today when pulled out the Kindle version of Art of Gig on the metro back from a TOA23 event. As usual, I skipped right to the addendum, “100 Rules for Consulting”, and my eyes landed on the quote above.

For context, by ‘trigger decisions’ Rao means important, strategic decisions that trigger a sequence of other smaller decisions and actions.

I had written in ’21 ways’ that:

18. Marketing strategy will be produced, altered, and personalized closer-to-instantly than ever before, with the aforementioned Gi/Go still in effect. 

And then:

19. For that same reason, and others above, marketing and sales content will also be produced orders of magnitude faster; thus it will be more timely, which sort of makes it more personalized

This still holds – more accurate and more rapidly produced strategy means more timely content. But that’s a narrow view.

The broader view is this: like the impact of a skilled strategy consultant, well-designed generative AI will increase the rate of trigger decisions – not just trigger decisions in marketing, but in all areas of the business.

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