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Art of Message – May 13, 2023

Made with ❤️ in Ulaanbaatar

A person who’s charming has the ability to talk to you and make both of you feel as though you’re wonderful

– Drayton Bird, here

Question for you: what happens when you love using a product, and you sense that whoever made the product also loved making it?

One answer: charming happens.

I think this is why we see products saying, “Made with ❤️ in Ulaanbaatar”. (Or any city). The intent is to infuse the product with some positive feeling and convey it from maker to user.

And there you have it, a definition of a product which is charming: creating a positive feeling in the user while giving them the feeling that the makers of the product shared in that positive feeling.

A bit clunky but hopefully get the idea.

But these “Made with ❤️” messages don’t pack as much of a punch now; they feel automatic. Is there a new to be charming in your product messaging?



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