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Art of Message – April 27, 2023

How many gold mines?

Where to get product advice?

From your customers

Why is that? Because they’re the ones that will live with the consequences of your decisions.

They are gold mines of advice.

This is Anand Sanwal’s tip #2 of 100 here (speaking of gold, how about tip #1?).

It’s a good tip. But how many gold mines of advice do you need? Consider the following:

  • 30. In Statistics, a sample size of 30 is a rule of thumb when research concerns people. Of course, that’s just a made-up heuristic and can be adjusted according to context.
  • 11. Drip founder Rob Walling got a constant stream of advice from 11 paying beta customers over a 5-month period before officially launching Drip. This number is no more or less scientific than 30 – and definitely worked fine for Drip.
  • 5. In UX research, Jakob Nielsen’s “five-user” rule says you only need to talk to five people; again, that’s made up but it appears to work well for Nielsen.

The throughline here is we’re going on gut; do you think 5-30 is a reasonable range in which to do so?



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